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The Meat and Potatoes of the Biz

You have the vision, we have the strategy. Armed with decades of experience, our team of hospitality specialists will analyze your challenges, suggest realistic solutions, and execute solid results seamlessly through completion of your project. Let us do the work, so you can get the credit!

We are seasoned pros who have a knack for translating your vision into executable solutions. We are out-of-the-box thinkers who provide our clients with a menu of viable options, not reports. We take your business personally, click below to learn more about Gigachef's areas of expertise.

Food Hall / Sports & Entertainment Venues
Concept, Curation, and Creation Experts

Food halls continue to be the hottest trend in the F&B real estate market today. Unfortunately, the core concept has become compromised by certain companies who possess little or no regard for both the surrounding communities’ wants and needs and the craft of the food – both essential ingredients for success in this exciting model. We are forward thinkers, poised for what the next “latest and greatest” concept is, and importantly able to thoughtfully and properly execute it seamlessly.

Similarly, over the past decade sports and entertainment venues have elevated their F&B programs to match their premium guest experience. Gigachef was one of the first to create a gastro food program within a world-class arena environment. Dubbed the "Food Guru" of Brooklyn, Gigachef led the way for craft, quality, and artisanal offerings at Barclay’s Center that others continue to emulate to this day.
We are driven by Challenges, Motivated by Success
I had a dream!!! A magnificent vision... NOW WHAT? How do I bring it all to life?

You have the vision, we have the strategy. Gigachef takes what you want and translates it into a viable  operation that will meet and/or exceed your goals. Is it an amenity? Should it be profitable? Are you looking for community engagement? Is ROI important?

The Challenges:
  • How do we get local businesses into an arena/food hall environment?
  • What would the deal structure look like for this scenario?
  • What foods and cuisines would best represent these venues?
  • How do we design the space for maximum capacity as well as conforming to State and Federal COVID- 19 regulations?
  • What special features do we need to be successful?
  • What’s the point of difference versus the competition? What is the brand’s “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition) ?
The Solutions - How Gigachef can support you:
  • Vendor curation, concept, and space design 
  • Operational design and planning and oversight
  • Technology (data collection) for reporting and tracking sales trend 
  • FS Design, equipment specifications, CAD formatting, MEP schedules -Kitchen / Bar / BOH design / Concessions / Stalls
  • Pro forma and budget modeling
  • Leasing deal terms, vendor manuals, and on-boarding processes
  • Owners Representation & Implementation - Put the pieces together and make it happen!
  • Marketing, branding, communications, website development, social media oversight, etc. 
  • Proprietary software for POS, food sales and gift cards
  • Out-of-the-box thinking to ensure exceeding revenue projections and ROI
Clients: Barclays Center, Pythian Market, Nassau Coliseum, Chase Center (Golden State Warriors), Kingston Food Exchange

Kitchen Made Possible
Real Life Make-Over

Kitchen Made Possible
Every F & B facility that's been operating for a while will ultimately require a “face-lift.” Often, operators focus their spending on renovating/upgrading the guest experience -- which clearly is key for customer first impressions. However, this comes at a price for the BOH (back of house), which is left scrambling to keep up with demand. It is an unfortunate reality that many chefs/kitchen managers/managing chefs let equipment go un-serviced. This results in inadequately functioning ovens, stoves grills and other key kitchen equipment, making the execution of a quality product a real challenge . Moreover, many are concurrently besieged with time management, documentation, quality control, inventory and basic cost center issues.. Surviving each day is their main concern – as opposed to long-term planning and strategizing -- which creates a less than acceptable BOH environment.
We Take it Apart and Put it Back Together

  • Organize, clean, rearrange, fix, replace!
  • Document and train for clear financial understanding
  • Create an accessible format for time management
  • Increase productivity and labor efficiencies
  • Outline a process for accountability
  • Transform from just surviving to prospering 
  • Provide tangible results, not theoretical written reports
  • Offer efficient space design, re-purpose equipment and advise, design and purchase new equipment
Sample Objectives

  • Create a detailed plan and budget to accomplish stated goals
  • Work with clients to hire an executive chef 
  • Identify and align F&B operational leadership, both front and back of house
  • Foster a more cohesive F&B team working toward the same goals
  • Evaluate and modify KPI’s for management team
  • Evaluate all staffing org charts with salaries, hourly, and positions
  • Upgrade and update all visual buffet standards and elements
  • Ensure standardized culinary quality and consistency with recipes, new menus, and staffing
  • Review and modify all customer amenities by cost and impact to the operation
  • Act as client’s representative to ensure operator implements stated goals
Assessment of Operation
The primary objective is to perform a detailed evaluation of kitchen & FOH operations to understand challenges and opportunities, at the same time developing a viable strategy to execute a successful operation. Areas of concern such as financial responsibility, quality, consistency, labor cost, waste, COG, skill level of staff, and overall conditions of the operation will be addressed/commented on.

General Considerations
  • Budget recommendation to accomplish stated goals
  • Equipment repair and/or replacement
  • Kitchen design modifications - workflow and efficiencies
  • Kitchen professionalism – uniforms, cleanliness, training, compensation, retention
  • Workflow and efficiencies
  • Health and safety report
Food Presentation
  • Implement approved budget for new equipment to execute presentations.
  • Buffet equipment and vessels
  • Table service ware and table settings
  • Style of service
Procurement / Food handling
  • Product specification and quality
  • Storage and rotation - FIFO
  • Sanitation and food safety SOPs
Menu Engineering
  • Evaluate pricing & sales mix
  • Service vessels and style
  • Product consistancy and specifications
  • Restructure menu offering reducing waste factors
Clients: Abigail Kirsch, Sams of Gedney Way, Caperberry Events, RXR – Engineers Club, Indiana University, Embassy Suites, Hilton Time Square, Molly Spillane's, Club Fit

Performance Feeding
Using Food for Endurance

Whether professional or college level, athletes are unique individuals with specific needs when it comes to what and how they nurture their bodies. Athletes must eat for maximum performance and health in order to compete at the highest levels with continuous energy and endurance.

With athletes, nutrition is a critical factor in enhancing:
  • Performance
  • Injury prevention
  • Recovery
  • Resiliency
Lets talk about the "F word"
Similar to a high performance vehicle, the type of gas makes a difference.
The car will run on regular gas, but not to its maximum level.
Regular or Premium? Will dictate results.

One's body is similar to a highly-tuned machine; ones needs the right fuel to maximize results:
  • Improve stamina
  • Optimize recovery after practice and games
  • Repairs damaged muscle tissue
  • Maximize performance goals, with additional endurance
Key Factors for Meals
  • Nutritionally Sound
  • Taste is critical
  • Exciting, recognizable and approachable
  • Balanced with the appropriate selection of high quality nutrient-dense foods, the right fluids coupled with timing of when they are consumed.
These factors are critical for maximum performance giving athletes a competitive edge.
So... how do we start? What do we eat, drink, and when?
We at Gigachef are nutritionally-trained chefs who completely understand these needs.

We will:
Evaluate current food and nutrition programs for sports team
Design and develop individual nutritional programs for each player in tandem with their team meals
Design and develop meal programs for team facilities
Design and develop travel meal programs to include pre- and post-game meals and workouts (Flight meals included)
Hire and train hands-on production staff to work with team
Maintain meal programs for off season conditioning
Maintain quality, variety, and consistency for all meal times and selections
Collaborate/plan with athletic trainers
Here’s how it starts

  1. Evaluate current meal program
  2. Understand facility restrictions
  3. Develop recommendation for upgrades and or facility tweaks
  4. Create monthly menu rotations with caloric and nutritional value
  5. Understand team favorites including ethnic influences
  6. Implement changes with hands-on training sessions
Clients: John Wiley, USA Military - (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard), Barclay Center

The 3P Strategy
Purchasing, Productivity, Profitability

The 3P’s are the core of any business, yet many operators struggle to maintain a viable and long-term strategy.

They constantly ask themselves:
  • How do I buy products efficiently? 
  • Why does my chef spends hours on the phone and not in the kitchen?
  • What products do I make, what do I buy out vs make from scratch? 
  • What do my customers really pay attention to and what do they really want?
  • How can I construct better menu items with the same amount of labor?
  • How do I keep my prices competitive while also elevating my offerings?
It is time to reinvent the way we do business! Gigachef has a stellar record in helping F&B businesses evaluate and implement reformatting strategies. With prudent acknowledgement of your current situation, well thought-out repositioning, and positive, forward-thinking movement, your business will be poised to stay a step ahead of the rapidly-evolving F&B industry by addressing the three key elements of a successful food service business -- Purchasing, Productivity, Profitability.

Empower your team with our expertise to achieve these essential goals.

The Gigachef team will coach your staff in leadership tactics designed to help them grow and exceed goals. Failure is not an option!
  • Effective product specification process, linking need to selection
  • Product utilization, understanding yield, bi-product and relation to menu structure
  • Storage and monitoring, utilization of inventory in a systematic fashion while understanding replacement pace
  • Vendor relationship, partnering strategies to keep both profitable, rendering the best possible situation for effective cost management
  • Understanding your “break even”
  • Identify ROI, which activities or items are most profitable, why and when
  • Analyze the relation of sales to business traffic, enhancing the busiest periods and building the slowest
  • Evaluate, critique, plan, and implement changes that make sense for the business model
  • Recommend the “right size” strategy to fit your business, where to expand and where to take away
  • Recommend staffing levels, matching levels to need
  • Devise pay structures, meeting requirements to sustain your workforce and build a solid business for your team to succeed
  • Accountability and empowerment for your people to work while equipping managers to understand expectations
  • Effective utilization of time and resources, scheduling activities for the right periods to attain the most effective results 
  • Identify leadership qualities for management to ensure continuous success
Clients: Engineers Country Club. Abigail Kirsch, Caperberry Events, Molly Spillane's

We get the FACTS out of Technology (Fear - Adaptability - Confusion - Transformation - Scary)

Technology is confusing! We have a ton of questions!
How the heck do I use it in my facility?
What do we need to be better?
What is the best way to incorporate it into our daily business?
How do I avoid paying huge fees from third-party services?
Everything I do is manual, how can I consolidate and be more efficient?

Food and beverage people are physical hands on workers, Technology is just not the first thing on their minds. However, to survive in today’s F&B business world, we need to change. 

Business owners and managers need to embrace the importance of technology, and they need to plan on how to use it well to increase their ROI. How we source our food supply, standardize our recipe collections, increase customer care, Create online ordering, increase communication, add performance monitoring and analysis as well as improve services or products as a way of gaining competitive advantage.

There are so many new technologies available today that it’s hard to know which will be the best fit for your business.  No one wants to invest in a type of technology that ultimately doesn’t work out. 

Have no fear, it's not hopeless!
We've spent decades helping clients look at these challenges in new ways to produce breakthrough insights and deliver new solutions.
  • Creating reports so you can analyze/visualze large amounts of data in seconds instead of hours
  • Developing custom web-based tools to track performance and trends, so you can adjust your business strategy proactively
  • Building user-friendly websites, apps, and ordering systems
  • Reducing costs and increase revenue
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Creating custom database-driven extranet web applications for a operational and reporting purposes
  • Streamlining existing business workflows and processes
  • Building web-applications for your clients to use
Clients: Mercer Culinary, Wiley Publishing, Green Coast Enterprises, Manhattan Beach Unified School District

Cooking with Lisa B.
Virtual Group Cooking Classes

Learn the “real deal” from a real Chef! Lisa Brefere, CEO of Gigachef, will teach you – virtually -- step by step how to prepare healthy and delicious dishes and share secret techniques, awakening your  passion for cooking and making you more at ease in your own kitchen. You will be super entertained while you work side by side with one of the industry’s most talented chefs. 

Here is how it works: 

  • You pick the meal or I design the perfect menu with various options, audiences, and preferences.
  • It's broken out as follows: a 5 minute intro/overview of the process + 1 hour cooking and presentation + Q&A, if desired
  • We cook 5-6 recipes (based on complexity)
  • You receive recipes, a shopping list of items to get for the class and pre-prep instructions, if needed.
  • All information will be sent 4-5 days in advance of the scheduled class
Price - $40 per person - 12 person minimum. Let’s Zoom it!
Book today ... Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy

Sample Classes:

  • Sushi rolls with Tuna, Salmon and Vegetables
  • Home made Mozzarella 4 ways
  • Hors d'oeuvres - Crab Cakes / Lobster Quesadillas, Vegetable Dumplings, Cheese Sticks
  • Chicken Piccata, Basmati Rice, Grilled vegetables, roasted Brocolli and Sweet Potatoes
  • House-made Pasta with Lobster Thermidor and fragrant arugala salad
  • Bad Ass BBQ's - Smoked St Louis Ribs or Brisket, Chicken Thighs and Leg - Macaroni or potato Salad, Cole slaw and tomato salad
  • Comfort Foods - Short Ribs, Meatloaf, Whipped potatos, Aspargus with Hollandaise
  • Balanced meals, Coffee crusted Chicken breast, Cauliflower mashed, Sauteed greens with Coriander Carrots

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