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Abigail Kirsch, which was started in Abigails home kitchen, has grown into one of the premier catering companies in the New York, New Jersey & Connecticut area. Their core philosophy "you're only as good as your last event" has solidified their mission, executing events which makes the client feel like a guest and guests feel as though they are in someone’s home. Their deep rooted passion for innovation, menu selections and presentations evolve and celebrate the melting pot that is world cuisine. Unparalleled food combined with personal, caring and professional service is the core of what creates the Abigail Kirsch experience.
Even the best in the business need an outsiders point of view. Its takes real guts and confidence to open your doors to a self evaluation. The leaders of this organization knew they needed some changes. But, to identify those changes, they need a grass roots approach with a person hands on to evaluate their operation. 

Why can't they do it themselves, you ask? Great question.

Senior leadership can't leave their post to go back into their operations for weeks on end. The effects of driving the business forward would be catastrophic to the companies future for growth and financial stability. They needed a company who they trusted with the secrets of their success, who would protect their brand, their relationships, while recommending hard core changes. They needed a strategy, with a forward path of execution all in real-time, not skipping a beat of the $M worth of annual business. 

So "Who You Going to Call? Gigachef!
We know we need to make changes, we just aren't sure exactly what they are and why?
We need a Company 360°
Reduce waste with yield specification, evaluate procurement procedure, investigate employee retention challenges, revamp production systems, develop production team responsibilities & efficiencies, create digital documentation for
We want to be more efficient in our production process
We want to be more organized
Key Features
People: Input in BOH organization structure and implementing defined plan including revised job descriptions; 
SOPs:  Reviewing & revising present SOPS and developing new SOPS as needed.  
Commissary Production:  Hire and train production team
Events:  Monitoring that SOPS are being followed
Associate Team Building & Morale:  Evaluate process create standards
Purchasing:  Input in developing product specs & yields
  • Review production teams, responsibility of team leaders, develop plan for implementing necessary changes
  • Opening, mid-day and closing procedures
  • Recipe formatting, plan for implementation
  • Yield spec sheet development 
  • Development of small wares pars and inventory procedures
  • Review period end prepped food inventory procedures
  • Event Check Off: Develop system of accountability for check off, recovery, accuracy
  • Event Bake Off:  Implement accountability
  • Troubleshooting weekdays and weekends at events: 
  • BOH training manuals, process to maintain
  • Party Reports: reinstitute reports and quantity feedback
  • System for tracking by event Chef’s, developing, implementing and ensuring this takes place consistently
  • Work with Sous Chef’s and Event Chef’s to monitor quality, consistency, methodologies etc
  • Develop standards for more on-going training and more consistent communication
  • Work with DOP to develop weekly meetings with purchasing manager, executive chef and production chef
  • Work with DOP and purchasing manager on pars, yields and system for utilization of excess product
  • Review SOPS and re-implementing  and monitoring 
  • Determine new system for handling commissary production 
  • Weekly labor schedule 
  • All team members Performance Evaluations
Hiring, Training & Development of New Staff
  • Revise job description, aid in hiring, training and fully developing the position
  • Determine hiring level, Implement and the train 
Project Cost
Completion Date

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