Pythian Market -Top 10 in the USA

A Food Hall For All & Event Space

Pythian Market is a food hall and gathering space in downtown New Orleans. It is comprised of local food purveyors, a fast craft bar, and curated retail vendors. More than a food hall, Pythian Market is a unique place for community-building and a celebration of culture, the arts and NOLA history.
Wouldnt it be cool to open a food hall? Its easy isnt it? Well the short answer is no, and the longer answer is - "no way"! There are many factors to consider in the development stages of not only this concept, but also any F&B concept. A notably challenging aspect to a food hall is that there are more than one operator working in a common space, so it's critical to be extra diligent in each of the planning stages.

  • Creating a tactical plan to successfully sustain a create a market and other related offerings within the building
  • Identifying the ideal blend of vendors and tenants
  • Curating the overall structure and process with the objectives that it operates efficiently
  • Devising a viable financial model with rent structures
  • Creating the business model – Used for both vendors and the landlord to sustain - i.e. CAM charges, marketing, entertainment, maintenance, etc.
  • Identifying the path of travel, infrastructure to support such as cold/dry storage, conference/event rooms, black iron, garbage, production, etc.
Gigachef is an expert in; Large Venue Curation, Concept Ideation, Operational Design Development and Supervision, F&B Budgets Formulation and Ongoing Oversight with Concept Implementation. We can assist you with the following.
  • Market plan assessment
  • Site plan virtual tour review (stake holders, architects, consultants)
  • MEP schedules
  • Design layout
  • Tactical plan for maximizing activation spaces (co-working space, private event room, music, market)
  • Review provision anchor tenant
  • Review BOH accommodation and support
  • Understanding the path of travel, infrastructure to support such as cold/dry storage, black iron, garbage, production.
  • Review and revise programming conceptual documents
  • Owner's vision – create formal document as project guardrails
  • Develope vendor types by location and vision
  • Review curation structure and process to operate efficiently
  • Review and/or develop financial model to support with rent structures
  • Soft sketch red line mark-up locating ventilation hoods, grease trap, sinks, commissary location, storage, garbage other utilities or support areas, stall layout, customers primary circulation, and seating using existing space from current architecture plans.
  • Identify certain equipment type for the purposes of cuisine offerings and authenticity (wood fired, fire & ice, plancha, Charbroiler, BBQ etc.)
Services - From your Idea to opening and everything in between
  • Develope Covid-19 Guidelines and Protocols
  • Create Covid - 19 Food Safety monthly Inspections for facility
  • Implement FSS( Food Safety Sanitation) Manager position for multi - unit / volume locations
  • Concept developement - strategic ideation - branding and messaging
  • Define what your food hall experience is to complement the entire development complex 
  • Work with owner to establish and develop a business model – deal structure, with CAM and vendor business requirements
  • Ground work to structure facility, potential deals and criteria
  • Identify and interview potential partners, and based on needs
  • FS design, MEP, CAD plans, construction oversight
  • Recommend equipment specification, budgets and timing
  • Provide finished recommendations and supporting materials for operating efficiencies 
The gigachef team collaborates with the various client selected teams to participate in planning for the space's development use and design 
  1. Operational space requirements to support concept
  2. Work flow and facilitation of volume
  3. Integration of design with concept
  4. Production facility needs and coordination
Project Cost
$8.5 Million
Completion Date
Spring 2018

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